How to Know if a Resume Writer is Qualified

If you’re looking to outsource your resume writing needs, there are plenty of individuals and companies that specialize in resume writing services. These individuals are trained and certified to provide top quality resumes to job applicants around the world. In order to find a resume writer or writing company that is qualified to write your resume, you simply need to ensure they have completed the necessary training. Once you’ve seen what training they have completed and what type of certification they have, you should feel reassured to let them produce a resume for you.

When you’re looking to hire a resume writer, you might wonder what makes them qualified to do their job. Doctors, for example, get degrees and medical licenses. Lawyers have to pass a bar exam to be able to practice law. So what is it that resume writers do that proves they’re the most qualified person for the job? They take an exam to be certified, just like many other professional careers require.

There are two different associations that certify resume writers, and the most popular certification is the NCRW (Nationally Certified Resume Writer). A resume writer can obtain this certification from either the National Resume Writer’s Association or the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches. To get a certification, one is required to study concepts and strategies of proper resume and cover letter preparation, attend continuing education courses, and submit a sample resume and cover letter for review by members of the association.

Additionally, there is an exam that they are required to take, that is broken down into two areas: questions related to a sample resume, and a writing exercise. Once they have passed the exam and met all of the other requirements, they are officially given their resume writer’s certification. To keep the certification current, resume writers are required to take continuing education courses throughout their career or to pass an additional exam.

If one is seeking a CPRW (Certified Professional Resume Writer) accreditation, they are also required to take an exam to demonstrate their abilities. This exam consists of four main categories that test their abilities, including:

  • Industry knowledge
  • Grammar, punctuation, and proofreading
  • Strategic thinking
  • Resume and cover letter writing test

Once a person has passed this test, they will be certified as a CPRW. With this certification they are also required to maintain their certified status through continuing education and/or additional testing over the course of their career.

Once a person has completed the education and training to become a resume writer, they can either start their own resume writing company or look for employment with a resume writing agency. This is when you will find them. Many resume writers choose to work for a resume service to gain experience, so you will be sure to get a qualified resume writer when hiring from these companies. If you outsource your resume writing to an individual instead of a resume writing agency, however, you will need to ensure that the person has adequate experience to write your resume, in addition to their training.


Gail Esparan