How to Write a Functional Resume

In today's economy and unemployment rates, many people are out searching jobs. Once a job lead is found, a resume is needed for an interview. Then, after the interview the employer makes their decision on who gets the job based on the resume they receive from you and their impression of you in the interview.

Unlike other resumes that focus on your previous employment, functional resume writing focuses attention on your skills, which s why it is commonly known as a skill resume.

At the very top of the resume should be your name, current residential address, e-mail address (if you have one), and your most convenient telephone number.

Then, you should list your objective, or your intentions, for the job in which you are applying. This will let your employer know exactly what job you are applying for and your goals for the job.

The bulk of your resume using this method should be about your skills. The skills that you list here should emphasize the skills that are required for the position that you are applying for. Whatever the skills may be, you should make sure that they are coherent to the position. You shouldn't list any skills that would be considered superfluous to your potential employer.

With this type of resume, you can turn the attention away from you job experience. If you have a very negative job history that you think will infringe on your chances on getting hired for a job, then this is one of the best resumes that you can use.

Next, education should be listed on the resume. Where you attended and for how long you attended should be the main things that you should list on a functional resume. Also, employers will probably be looking for other information about your education, i.e. GPA, certifications, and degrees that would be beneficial to the chance of you getting the job.

Then, you should list your job history. This section of your functional resume should be relatively small in proportion to the rest of your resume. Basically, enumerate your past job experience starting with the most recent by title only. This will make sure that whomever you are giving your resume to will pay more attention to your skills and capabilities.

At the end of your resume, you should include some of your interests. When you list your interests, you are giving your potential employer a better idea of what kind of person you are and you are giving them the chance to figure out if hiring you will be of great benefit to their company.

When you are constructing your functional resume, make sure that it is not too long. Functional resumes, or any resume for that matter, should not exceed one front page. Having your resume in one page will make it easier for your potential employer to research you and decide whether you get the job. If, for some reason, your resume does exceed one page, then you should try your best to condense it.

Remember, a functional resume directs the focus to your specific skills and away from your job history, so make sure that they are ones that will benefit your chances of getting the job.


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