How to Write a Chronological Resume

In today's economy and weak employment rates, many people are out searching jobs. Once a job lead is found, a resume is needed for an interview. Then, after the interview the employer makes their decision on who gets the job based on the resume they receive from you and their impression of you in the interview.
The resume that you give to your potential employers is very important. The resume that you construct should prove to employers that you have what it takes to perform the specific job correctly and efficiently.
This type of resume should be used for a person who has had steady growth in their experience with jobs, education, and accomplishments. This resume should be used to promote yourself, abilities, and aspirations, and a stable and experienced past, your resume should show that
A chronological resume is a resume that enumerates your job experience, previous accomplishments, and education that are coherent for the job that you are seeking. The past job that you list should be in chronological order, starting with the most recent job.
The format for a chronological resume should always be the same.
At the very top of the resume should be your name, current residential address, e-mail address (if you have one), and your most convenient telephone number.
Then, you should list your objective, or your intentions, for the job in which you are applying. This will let your employer know exactly what job you are applying for and your goals for the job.
Next, you will want to list your job experience. Starting with the most recent, list all of your previous jobs titles including the dates in which you held these positions. Be sure not to make this list too lengthy, as the resume should not exceed one front page. If you do have a long job history, you should pick a logical place to stop or try to use another resume method.
Next to the positions you have held, you should list the institution that you have worked for along with the exact responsibilities that were given to you for that job.
The enumeration of your education experience should be listed similarly. Make sure that you include the name, city, state it/they are located, and the dates in which you attended the schools(s). Also, you should include other information such as you GPA and any certificates that you earned while attending.
After your education experience, the next thing that you will want to include in your chronological resume is any special skills you posses, i.e. computer skills, language skills, or speaking skills that will benefit your qualifications for the job you are seeking.
Finally, the last topic that you should cover on your chronological resume is any honors and/or activities that you have received or been a part of. List any relevant honors you received and groups that you have joined.
Remember, chronological resume writing should show off your assets and make your potential employer want to put you above any other applicants that are competing for the same position as you. With this resume, following the correct format, you can send a professional resume that will impress any employer with all of your accomplishments and experience.


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