How to Update Your Resume

Updating your resume is one of the most effective job hunting techniques everyone should know. According to leading recruiting magazines, an updated resume should reflect your progress and background in the best way possible. An engaging resume is your passport to interview invitations as well as candidacy at first glass. If you have been using the same resume for too long, you can use our simple tips to gear it up for prospective employers in no time.

There are 15.3% of unemployed Americans according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the number is climbing everyday. About 10% of these individuals are actively seeking employment with updated resumes and cover letters at this time. If you want to earn your spot against the 10%, you have to start paying attention to the details of your resume because it is your number one ally in the job market.

1. Add Current Position(s)

Integrating current positions or most recent layoffs can be a tough one if you are unsure of your job responsibilities. Check with your employer to know exactly what your job requires so you can add the details to your resume. You can even search for corresponding positions online to have an accurate picture of what prospective employers expect to know.

2. New Certifications/Workshops

Have you earned new certifications in your field? Did you require new training in your current position? You should add relevant certifications and workshops to your resume as a sign of growth. Prospective employers want employees with a diverse background which stands out from other candidates. If you feel that a computer programming class made your accounting job easier, mention those benefits in your cover letter so prospective employers can notice it on your resume.

3. Eliminate Jargon

Every industry has a line of buzzwords that professionals use. Kick the jargon to the side and say exactly what you do in your current position. It may require one or two buzzwords, but keep it to a minimum in case your reader prefers simplicity.

4. Remove Wordy Descriptions

Simplicity is straight to the point with no fluff. Do your best to reduce the word count of each description to 15-30 (if mentioning accomplishments). This clear cut approach can give your reader time to reflect on your qualifications.

5. Check References

Interested employers want to speak to references during your background check. If they get a disconnected line, they may consider your thoroughness. No one likes to trust an individual that will not take the time to check their own work before completing someone else’s. Do a simple phone check once you have the outline of your resume completed,

6. Maximize Whitespace

Whitespace gives the impression of clean, crisp presentations. Margins should be at least 1.25”, single spaced, and open. Think of your resume as landscape that deserves as much appreciation as possible. Employers are interested in clean presentations with short descriptions, wide margins, and direct information about candidates.

Our tips outline six of the best techniques in updating your resume. Try these tips while you fix your resume for your job search - there is a possibility for a few calls from prospective employers.


Gail Esparan