Don’ts of Updating your Resume

  • Don't fall into the different is better trap. While graphics and brightly colored fonts may catch the eye, they detract from what employers are looking at-your skills and experience. Keep in mind that if a resume is difficult to read, the person looking at it may toss it rather than struggle through it to find the information they want.


  • Don't include an objective. Your cover letter should have already alerted the employer to the position you are seeking. The goal of your resume is to show them you have the skills and experience to the job.


  • Don't fudge on information. At a minimum, most hiring managers will check your last few positions. Some will check all. If they found out you lied about something, that destroys your credibility and your chances of landing the position.


  • Don't include the obvious. It goes without saying that your references are available on request and that you are available for an interview. These statements take up valuable space that should be used for selling yourself.

With a strong resume formatted for visibility, you exponentially increase the odds that you will be called in for an interview. Don't sell yourself short by using the same lackluster one you have been using for years. A few key changes can mean the difference between getting hired or not.


Gail Esparan