Professional Resume Writing: Helping To Package Your Credentials And Mass Market Them For Success

Using resume writing services is a good idea if you feel like your resume writing skills are less then good. [More]

5 Top Tips to Improve your Resume Writing

Here is the second part of our article: 6. Don't put a photograph of yourself on the resume. This one is pure amateur hour and it can harm your employment search immensely. While virtually no books on the subject say to do this, some will try to add a photo the mix. It is never a good idea. 7.... [More]

10 Tips for Improving a Resume

When it comes to an effective job search, you need to craft a solid resume. Most people have a general idea of what resume writing is but they may miss a few fine points. To make sure this doesn't happen to you, familiarize yourself with the following ten tips. Use action words. That means the re... [More]

5 Top Resume Writing Mistakes

Following our previous article, here are the next 5 top resume writing mistakes: Resumes always get the best attention when you use a bulleted format. This makes it clear and easy to follow and find the most pertinent information the employer may be looking for. Avoid using one of the ready ... [More]

Top 10 Resume Writing Mistakes

Whether it is your first time entering the workforce, or time to update your resume with past employment and new skills or education, there is a certain way to craft your resume to get the most attention and give you a better chance at landing that job. The job market is a competitive place these da... [More]

3 Additional Job Interview Questions and Answers

Q. What have you done to prepare for this interview?A. Here is a good job interview how to for you. You want to make it appear as if you'd done good research on the company before writing your resume in order to make it appear as if you learned all you can about who they are and what they do. Af... [More]

Job Interview Questions And Answers

With the economy in the state it is in many people are finding themselves out of work for the first time. There are many people would've gone a long time without going on in the real job interview. Once you know your resume writing is successful, being able to do well on a job interview is important... [More]

Cons of Dumbing Down Your Resume

While there may be some good reasons to dumb down your resume, you will always pay a price for it. When you take off those degrees you are misrepresenting yourself to your employer. If you get hired on, they don't really know what they have hired. This may not be a big deal for some positions, but i... [More]

Pros of Dumbing Down Your Resume

You spend years working through challenging university coursework to obtain your degree, or perhaps a series of degrees, eager for knowledge and a rewarding career. Then you graduate and realize that your degree isn't always an asset. You may find yourself hearing doors of opportunity shut because y... [More]

Don’ts of Updating your Resume

Don't fall into the different is better trap. While graphics and brightly colored fonts may catch the eye, they detract from what employers are looking at-your skills and experience. Keep in mind that if a resume is difficult to read, the person looking at it may toss it rather than struggle throu... [More]