5 Top Tips to Improve your Resume Writing

Here is the second part of our article:

6. Don't put a photograph of yourself on the resume. This one is pure amateur hour and it can harm your employment search immensely. While virtually no books on the subject say to do this, some will try to add a photo the mix. It is never a good idea.
7. Avoid unnecessary items such as "references will be furnished upon request" when you are short on space. In other words, you do not want to cut back on your education or your experience sections to fit it extra wording that does not convey much of value.
8. Select the proper resume concept for your background. If you have only three years of experience, you will want to develop a resume that promotes your skills. If you have 10 years of experience, you probably would be best served providing a timeline of accomplishments. Again, you need to find the right resume that fits your background and presents it effectively.
9. Stick with basic colored paper for a resume. White, cream, and even gray are fine. Don't get creative and use green, blue, etc. It does not add to the resume and detracts from it greatly.
10. Including affiliations is another positive component to add to the mix. Why is this? Affiliations in professional organizations can give great insight into your interests and skills. Once again, this is an item that can set you apart from the crowd.
As you can see, most of the helpful tips for resume writing are simple. Follow them and you will end up with a solid, well made resume...guaranteed.


Gail Esparan