Cons of Dumbing Down Your Resume

While there may be some good reasons to dumb down your resume, you will always pay a price for it. When you take off those degrees you are misrepresenting yourself to your employer. If you get hired on, they don't really know what they have hired. This may not be a big deal for some positions, but it could cost you a promotion in some circumstances.

For instance, if you get hired under a dumbed down resume and a high paying position that your smart resume would qualify you for opens up, you aren't going to be considered for the promotion because no one knows you have the higher credentials. If you come out with it at that time you are revealing a deception when they originally hired you.

If gaining higher positions is a future career goal, it makes more sense to keep the education on your resume and explain why you want the lower level position. Dumbing down resume writing could bite you in the end.

Another con is that you are denying yourself acknowledgement of education that you worked hard for many years to achieve. If you aren't going to use the education, then why even go through the process of gaining it?

In most cases, it is not a great idea to strike your education from your resume. A compromise may be to have a dumbed down resume to use in select circumstances where you know your education will stand in your way. Those lower positions could at least give you some income while looking for a job with your smart resume!


Gail Esparan