What a military-to-civilian resume is

When somebody from the military decides to transition to the civilian sector, the prospect of writing a military-to-civilian resume can be intimidating. As hard as it  appears, translating military experience into a format that will be understandable by civilian employers might be much easier t... [More]

Military Rate Conversion Guide

The various military branches of the armed forces of the United States offer more than 800 enlisted jobs. Both the United States Army as well as the Marines refer to these jobs as Military Occupation Specialties, or MOS. The Air Force call these Specialty Codes, or AFSC. The Navy and Coast Guard ref... [More]

Key Elements to a Military to Civilian Conversion Resume

Getting a private sector job after years of military experience may seem like a daunting task, but as long as you know what you’re doing, it shouldn’t be too complicated. There are a few basic elements that will almost guarantee success in your military to civilian conversion resume writ... [More]

Preparing your transition

Transitioning from the Military to the civilian sector might be overwhelming so here are three factors that you should take into consideration when preparing your conversion:   Plan early: do your homework and figure out for which industry and company you would like to work. Also if you need ... [More]

Military Transition Interview Tips

Your First Non-Military Interview Can be ScaryWhen making the transition from military life to civilian life, one of the first things anybody faces is finding that all important real-world job. This can be an overwhelming task especially if you've put in 20 established a day-to-day communication s... [More]

Translating Military Jargon for Civilian Employers

One of the most essential factors of effective military conversion resume writing is the ability to turn your tasks, accomplishments and experience into something that employers can understand. It does not matter how decorated you are as a veteran, if you can't relay those experiences and accomplish... [More]

Military to Civilian Transition Tips

When it is time to make the transition from the military to civilian life, there are obstacles to overcome. The adjustment that veterans must make upon returning to the civilian world is important and almost requires learning how to live all over again. Arguably the most difficult part of the milita... [More]