Military Transition Doesn't Have To Be Tough When You Follow These Tips For Resume Writing

Anyone who has been in the military knows the difficulty of making a military transition. One of the primary difficulties would be creating a military to civilian resume that properly displays their skills effectively. But military conversion doesn't have to be tough when one knows the proper steps ... [More]

Three Ways That Your Military To Civilian Resume Can Be Made To Look Strong And Effective

It is understandable that making the transition from a military to a civilian can be difficult. But being able to craft an effective military to civilian resume is going to be important if one hopes to succeed in the civilian world. There are three ways your military transition resume can be made to... [More]

Military To Civilian Resume Tips

Many people are faced with uncertainty when leaving military service and going back into the civilian world - particularly when it comes to the job market. The fact that you may have been outstanding in your military career might not be necessarily translated to success in life as a civilian unless ... [More]

What a military-to-civilian resume is

When somebody from the military decides to transition to the civilian sector, the prospect of writing a military-to-civilian resume can be intimidating. As hard as it  appears, translating military experience into a format that will be understandable by civilian employers might be much easier t... [More]

Translating Military Jargon for Civilian Employers

One of the most essential factors of effective military conversion resume writing is the ability to turn your tasks, accomplishments and experience into something that employers can understand. It does not matter how decorated you are as a veteran, if you can't relay those experiences and accomplish... [More]