Pros of a Military Career

The military is a great career choice for anyone that can handle it. The job provides benefits like no other in the civilian world, and even provides a sense of fulfillment for many people. The only question is whether or not it is a job you can handle. In order to help you determine that, we have c... [More]

The Behavior-Based Interview

Not all interviews are created alike. Over the course of a traditional interview, managers usually ask the person being interviewed to expound on their strengths and weaknesses, while giving them an opportunity to expound on many of the items in their resume. But a behavior based interview is a... [More]

Military To Civilian Resume Tips

Many people are faced with uncertainty when leaving military service and going back into the civilian world - particularly when it comes to the job market. The fact that you may have been outstanding in your military career might not be necessarily translated to success in life as a civilian unless ... [More]

Medical Jobs in the Military

The military health care corps, whether in peace time or war, has the outstanding tradition of the best training available in the world to handle anything, from the small injury that needs a couple of sutures all the way to piecing individuals back together after a savage attack during war. Modern ... [More]

Military to Civilian Conversion Cover Letter Tips

You have served the country proudly but now it's time to rejoin the workforce. Getting a job that fits your needs can be difficult and when you find a job that sounds perfect for you, you must work hard to get your foot in the door.  When moving into a civilian position you will have to highlig... [More]

The Veterans' Preference

Veterans' preference is a program wherein veterans who have received either an honorable or general discharge will receive either a five or ten point privilege. This is determined by application to the Department of the Interior. Retirees at the rank of major or higher are not eligible unless they a... [More]

How to transition from the military to the government

The transition from the military to civilian life is never easy. One who has spent his or her entire adult life in the military finds the civilian world quite a jungle to confront. However, with adequate and prior preparation one can smoothly transition from the military without any major issues. Ma... [More]

How bad military transition resume writing can keep you from finding a job

Resume writing (specifically bad military transition resume writing) is the second most frequent reason that people do not get employment in spite of their qualifications. The only reason that it comes in second is because the most common reason people do not get the jobs they want is because they d... [More]

Military Transition Job Search Tips

Searching for employment used to be a simple process. You would get your local newspaper, get to the classifieds section and look for job ads that would match your career profile and needs. While the arrival of the Net 10 years ago took the job market to the next level by increasing the number of op... [More]

Planning your military transition

Before leaving the military, it is essential to do some financial planning First, you should know what is your current monthly budget – whether you are by yourself or have a family. Second, you should forecast what will be your expenses once you are back to civilian life. This includes eve... [More]