IT Careers: Employers Looking At Your Resume Make It A Two Step Process

When you are putting in your resumes for IT careers, a professional will be looking at your resume from a very scrutinizing standpoint. For many employment professionals reading in IT resume is a two-step process. First is quick scan to see if anything of interest catches their eye. IT jobs require ... [More]

IT Resume Writing: Do Not Use A Cover Letter To Make Up For A Poorly Written Resume7

IT jobs are some of the more technical jobs on the market, they are also a large growing segment of the types of jobs available these days. But putting in a professional IT resume can be a difficult task, mainly because so many prospective applicants do not know how to do it effectively. The one thi... [More]

3 Information Technology Job Interview Questions & Answers

Q. Explain to me the process you went through to design your last database.A. Designing databases is one of the job responsibilities you will probably carry if you get into the IT field. Your ability to execute the designing of databases is a skill you must have. Answer this question by explaini... [More]

IT Job Interview Questions Answers

IT jobs are one of the fastest rising jobs and job sector today. Many people are deciding to get the skills they need in order to compete for the fastest growing segments of the job market. If you have an IT job interview lined up, then you will definitely want to know what IT job interview question... [More]

Top 10 IT Careers

Senior IT Auditor: Policies surrounding information technology are just as important as the technologies themselves. Senior IT Auditors not only draft such policies, but also strive to ensure that they are being followed. They must also work to keep such policies relevant with current IT trends and ... [More]

Top 5 Information Technology Careers

Often, when one thinks of an IT professional, the stereotype that comes to mind is that of the IT support person. While many IT professionals work in this capacity, the field is much more diverse than providing user-level support. Here, for instance, are the top 10 IT professions, along with a b... [More]

Don'ts of Freelancing

Don't ignore emails or contacts from your contractor To do so not only makes you look foolish, but negates the possibility of ever having another contract with them.Do be on time and under budget with your work if you can possibly be. Granted some clients will ask for far more than they originally c... [More]

Do's of IT Freelancing

Freelancing is a great way to make a living from your home. In the IT freelancing world however, there are certain things that you need to remember. Just like any other job, there are things you can do, things you can't do, and things you should do.Working from home or from a small office, rather th... [More]

Cons of Computer Programming Careers

Find our what are the disadvantages of being a computer programmer [More]

Pros of Computer Programming Careers

With the advancement of communications and technology, computers have sneaked in to almost all homes in United States. This situation reflects a number of employment opportunities and degree programs in line with computers. Computer programming is in every technology you see, from phones to computer... [More]