Don'ts of Freelancing

Don't ignore emails or contacts from your contractor To do so not only makes you look foolish, but negates the possibility of ever having another contract with them.

Do be on time and under budget with your work if you can possibly be. Granted some clients will ask for far more than they originally contracted for. In those instances, you can up the price, but keep your work under deadline if it is for the same work that you contracted to do.

Do explain to your clients that changes, which take place, will add extra to the workload and that changes requested when part way through a job will require additional funding. Make it clear up front that you will do what you are contracted for, but don't be a patsy. Many clients will request additional work and not offer additional pay for it. Taking on many hours of extra work that you are not paid for is a sure way to the poorhouse.

Freelancing can be a lucrative career that has minimal overhead and gives you the opportunity to work with clients all over the world. Take care of your business, build a strong IT resume and make it a point to give yourself a good name in the industry.


Gail Esparan