Top 5 Information Technology Careers

Often, when one thinks of an IT professional, the stereotype that comes to mind is that of the IT support person. While many IT professionals work in this capacity, the field is much more diverse than providing user-level support. Here, for instance, are the top 10 IT professions, along with a brief description of the main roles of each.

Lead Application Developer: These IT professionals are responsible for designing, debugging and testing the applications other professionals are then tasked to build. As designing large-scale enterprise applications is a challenging role, Lead Application Developers typically require three to five years of experience in addition to a bachelor's degree in computer science.

Applications Architect: Architects build the application components designed by the lead developer. They also help to ensure that the middleware and other application pieces mesh with internal policies, standards and design guidelines such that application development is meeting company and client expectations.

Messaging Administrators: Email, instant messaging, groupware and other messaging technologies are becoming increasingly important in technology companies. Furthermore, as IT becomes even more pervasive, other technologies such as phone systems are being migrated to internet-based platforms. Messaging administrators are responsible for the installation, debugging and upkeep of this ever-expanding array of communication systems.

Data Modeler: Transitioning from disorganized piles of data to easily searched and indexed digital records is challenging. Data Modelers are familiar with a variety of database technologies, knowing what is necessary to take a given set of data and digitize it in a way that is not only easily stored, but that can later be searched and queried in meaningful ways.

Network Manager: Networks are the major sustaining factor in any technology-based organization. Without an operational network, the ability of other IT professionals to do their work is severely impaired. Network Managers are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of a company's networking infrastructure.


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