Top 10 IT Careers

Senior IT Auditor: Policies surrounding information technology are just as important as the technologies themselves. Senior IT Auditors not only draft such policies, but also strive to ensure that they are being followed. They must also work to keep such policies relevant with current IT trends and usage requirements.

Senior Web Developer: More and more applications are interfaced with via the web. It is the Web Developer's responsibility to ensure that existing web-based applications run seamlessly, as well as to coordinate with other departments and IT professionals to introduce new web functionality that meets an organization's needs.

Business Intelligence Analyst: These IT professionals are responsible for aggregating and analyzing data from numerous sources, then preparing reports from such data in order to make meaningful recommendations to management and marketing. They may also develop applications that automate various aspects of their collection and report creation duties.

Help Desk (Tier 2): These are probably the IT professionals with whom most are familiar. Responsible for solving a number of computer issues faced by company employees, these workers resolve issues that require in-person work, or that cannot be easily solved via phone. They may also create tickets for help desk personnel in higher tiers to resolve later.

Staff Consultant
: The Staff Consultant is the interface between application developers and other employees. They help to create requirements, prototypes, lists of features and other useful documents which, over time, can be transformed into working applications and solutions that meet a company's requirements.


Gail Esparan