IT Job Interview Questions Answers

IT jobs are one of the fastest rising jobs and job sector today. Many people are deciding to get the skills they need in order to compete for the fastest growing segments of the job market. If you have an IT job interview lined up, then you will definitely want to know what IT job interview questions will be thrown your way. Your ability to answer these questions properly will help you to impress the person giving you the interview. Even though the IT field is ever-growing, it is still a very competitive industry, so you must be prepared with a few IT job interview tips and IT job interview answers in order to help you get through the process.

Q. At what computer programs are you proficient?
A. If you are going to be working in the IT field, then your employer will definitely want to know that you are proficient at various computer programs (so make sure to include them in your IT resume). The more computer programs you are proficient at the better suited for the job you may be. Sometimes you may be called upon to deal with programs in which you weren't originally hired to work with. Being universal in this area will go a long way in making you appear to be more diverse.

Q. Tell me about the types of activities for which you use your computer.
A. Your employer wants to know this because they want to gage just how serious you are about computers. They may take this opportunity to see whether or not your usual computer more on the recreational side, or if you are interested in more technical things relating to it. Your answer should include a mixture of both, the more well-rounded you are when it comes to the use of your computer the more you will get along in the job environment you will be hired into.

Q. What was the most complex problem you used your computer to help you solve?
A. Your computer can help you to solve a lot of problems, often times you may be using it as opposed to you try to fix it for some other reason. Once again your answer to this question should include a problem that requires technical know-how.


Gail Esparan