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Prospective employers have in mind a set of IT skill they want job applicants to have and they won't let a good catch get away.  Employers prefer job applicants with computer and computer technical literary skills and those with advanced IT programming skills -- AJAX, .NET. XML, PHP and Web 2.0 - are always immediately hired.  It is not surprising that IT students already have job offers, an indication that the IT wave is already here.  Now is the time for you perk up your career for professional growth; you can learn these skills too and eventually strategically position yourself in a competitive IT world. The top IT skills employers can't say no to are Programming and/or Application Development.

Companies are working to web-enable their current applications and delving into Web 2.0. For the job, job aspirants must be ready with their SAP, AJAX, .NET, and PHP skills.   Programming facilitates the efficient operation of web applications.  AJAX is the acronym for asynchronous JavaScript and XML; this incorporates several technologies that enhances customer-business web interaction.  Meanwhile, .NET is a Microsoft supplication that enables the creation of Windows applications, and PHP is the application of programming language that can be used on several software applications.  Web 2.0 on the other hand boosts information sharing on the web.  SAP beats the rest.  SAP is the latest buzz word in IT.

With competition growing by the hundreds and getting better paying positions, you should also ride the boom and get yourself into the IT scene.  If you are currently employed or looking for a job, notch up your chances for getting better paying positions in the company or getting hired on the spot because of your IT skills.  It's an IT world now and there's no time like now to get ahead of your colleagues.  Use your spare time to learn these IT skills.  There are computer schools in the locality and online offering these computer skills and learning these skills is an investment that would go a long way.   
The next step is to hone these skills.  The better you are at it, the better your chances with high profile companies.  There are also hundreds of low-profile business companies willing to offer top dollar for this skill and you also have the option to work for global companies right at home.  If you look at the pay scale offered online for these jobs, you can only be amazed at the offers that run in the thousands of dollars.  

Add an IT certification to your present array of certifications and get that job.   An specialization in AJAX, . NET, PHP, and Web 2.0 or other IT skills or having a combination of these skills warrants a position in local and international companies.  IT skills come and go and job competition gets fiercer.  If your IT skill is facing extinction, learn the latest and hottest IT skill and always be on the lookout for emerging IT trends.  So what are you waiting for? First include all these important skills in your IT resume writing. Then, grab the chance to get ahead now and be the first to get a promotion for sensitive IT positions in the company.


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How to Improve Your IT Job Skills

How to Improve Your IT Job Skills

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