How to Improve Your IT Job Skills

If you work in IT, you have to always be improving your game. Many times, people are pulled into IT because they like the forever-changing nature of the job. No matter if you are worried about keeping the job you have, or getting a new IT job, or just want to attain a higher position with the company you are already working for, there are simple steps that can make your IT skills rock.


  • Ask about training in house with your IT company- Due to the fact that the IT market is extremely competitive, companies out there do whatever it takes to keep their talented employees. There are lots of companies today that offer either mini classes in-house, or via their website. Usually, this will be given for areas that the company is wanting to grow, so this is a great time to learn a new skill in the same company, or make your existing skills even better. You can stay up to date with all of the new technology this way.
  • Maybe your company will pay you back for college tuition- If you are taking classes to make your skills sharper, many times, IT companies will give you back the money you spend. Some work with local colleges, or they may even let you decide which college you would prefer to attend. Keep in mind that often there is only a certain amount the company will pay for, so if you need additional schooling, make sure you can pay for it ahead of time.


  • Speak with others so you are more aware of how the company is advancing- If you seem to be very interested in the company, and some of their technological advancements, you might draw the attention of your boss, which will enable you to venture into other areas in your company if you so choose. It can also be an excellent way to learn about any openings within your company they may soon be looking to fill.


  • Take classes online- Many times, there could be a certain technology out there that local colleges aren't privy of yet, and most of the time, there are plenty of online colleges that teach it. If it can't be done via the company's time, it is still worth it, since it is for your future, and can enable you to get a better job later on.


  • Your alma mater might help you get to college- If you still live close to the same place you went to school, your old college will quite often give classes much cheaper than the original cost for college classes were. They could either be classes that everyone takes, or ones made only for alumni. Whatever the case, the skills you learn will be sure to aid the knowledge you already have.

Since  the IT field is in a state of constant change, your skills had better keep up, if you wish to stay on top in the IT world. Also whenever you achieve new skills, make sure to include them in your IT resume so it stays up to date.


Gail Esparan