How to write an IT cover letter

               Having very desirable skills in the information technology field is very important, but it won't help you if your resume is overlooked.  You need to give the person who is hiring a reason to look at your resume. A cover letter is what is used to grab their attention so that they will want to read your resume.

                Most companies in times like these get too many applicants to bother reading every resume they receive.  If they pick up a resume and it has a great cover letter, chances are they will want to know more.  After reading an incredible cover letter, they could call you in for an interview.  The point of a good cover letter is to get your foot in the door and get an interview scheduled.   Often times, it's the cover letter that will help you to land the job.  If they like what they read, they may let certain qualifications or criteria slide, and interview you anyway.

                Information technology employment is becoming very competitive field to find a good job.  Years ago, there were a limited number of people who were qualified for computer positions, but that is no longer the case.  You need to make sure that you stand out above the rest of the applicants or they may never see how experienced, or how well you fit the position.


  • Creating the right cover letter starts with brainstorming on what the perspective employer is seeking in their applicants, and seeing if you have those attributes.  If you have some but not all, focus on the attributes you do have.  Make yourself look very desirable and tell them how you are going to be an asset to their company.  Tell them exactly why they need to hire you, and what you can do for them.  Everyone today wants to know what you can do for them.    People want to know what they are going to get.  This is your time to shine.  This is where you will tell them what you can do for them.


  • Dig deep into what the perspective employer is looking for in their future employee.  A job description or job listing is the best place to start.  In order to get the point across that you will be an asset to their company, you will need to know exactly what they are looking for.


  • Now is your time to brag.  Make yourself shine! Be direct and write confidently.  People are drawn to people that are confident.  Don't be afraid to toot your own horn, this is where you would do that.    Thank them for their time, and ask them to contact you directly.  Tell them you would love to meet with them and go into further detail about your qualifications.   Leave them your name, address, phone number, and cell number so that they can contact you.  Even include that even though you already have it on your resume.   You want to keep your name and contact information at their fingertips.


  • Keep the cover letter long enough to sell yourself, but short enough where you won't need to include any fluff.  Always be concise and to the point.  Make sure your resume and cover letter are printed on the same type of paper, and the paper is clean and neat.  Follow directions of how the employer wants you to submit your IT resume.  If there are more than one option such as email, fax, or through the regular mail, send it through all the options.  Follow correct letter format, and always have someone proofread your letter before you send it.  Spelling errors, grammar errors, etc can keep you from being interviewed.   Best of luck!