How to write an IT manager resume

The demands and expectations of an IT manager are becoming higher with the growing sophistication of this industry. Therefore, whether you are putting up a resume to get a better job or to negotiate for a promotion, you will need to demonstrate your ability to successfully meet these demands.

Before you get started with your IT manager resume, it is important to undertake a thorough due diligence of the job opportunity you are pursuing. Whether it is an advertised or a non-advertised job you are applying for, you should ensure that you have researched as much information as you can, concerning this job. This includes seeking the advice of IT managers in a similar position and human resource personnel. This will help you write your resume from a point of information.

Once you have the right information, ensure that you have identified a resume format that best fits the description and requirements of the job you are applying for. This will make it easy for the resume reviewer to pick out the important information. Avoid over formatting with excess use of capital letters, underlining and bold and italic formats. This makes the resume look unprofessional. Keep your information simple. Avoid using too many words as this turns off the reviewer.

Needless to say, your technical skills and experience are fundamental to getting the job. It is important that you indicate your expertise in the fundamental skills needed for an IT Manager including your ability to handle budgeting, IT project analysis, designing, planning and execution. You also need to show your ability to manage the project life cycle, your proposal writing skills, your bidding skills and your ability to manage client relationships.

You also need to show how these skills enabled you manage technology and people more efficiently. However, avoid indicating too many core skills. This is where many make a mistake. A long core skills list only shows you as a generalist and may only work to reduce your chances. Further more, since it is a management job, you should avoid highlighting on certification skills and instead zero in on your experience. You should also indicate the major achievements you made through this experience and the tangible benefits it had to the organization you worked for.

Though it is a technical job, it is important that your IT manager resume does not present you as an overly technical person. Over and above your technical skills, it is important to show your appreciation and sensitivity to the business aspects. It is important to display such qualities as leadership skills, cost management skills and your ability to evaluate the returns on IT investments. This is an area you can easily score points as few prospective IT managers highlight this. Corporations are looking for IT managers who have a panoramic view of the business and manage the IT department in alignment to the overall strategic goals of the business.

Finally, ensure that you proofread your resume after completion to ensure that you have used the correct grammar and that you have no typological errors.


Gail Esparan