How to Write a Webmaster Resume

The IT industry is a tough one to get into, and as such you are going to need a good resume. You've probably written a resume before, but don't think that you can use your old one from high school. It's time to buckle down and create a killer resume that even the most seasoned of employers are going to appreciate.

In order to do this, you will need to format the resume properly, which means your name and address will have to be at the top of the page. This has more of a purpose than you would think, actually. Not only does it allow the employer to know who you are, it also lets them contact you quickly if they want to offer you a job. For this reason, your name and address should be bolded, and a slightly larger font than your other information.

Once you have that sorted out, it's time to start entering your information. The first thing you need to enter is your career profile. Where have you been? What can you do? These are things that you will need to put in the first section, and after that, you will need to write a section showcasing your special skills.

For the IT field it would help if you were proficient in many different programming languages or even operating systems. Some of the popular programming languages are C++ , Perl, Python, and others. If you are proficient in using UNIX based systems, then you would definitely be a good candidate for a webmaster position.

Your prior jobs should be listed next. List all of your former positions for the past five years and also list the employer's name and phone number if you want them to be contacted as references. Remember to only list the numbers of employers you parted with on good terms, or at least be able to come up with a good explanation. There have been many aspiring webmasters turned down because of one bad reference, so don't fall victim to this trap!

Finally you will need to list your education. Though experience usually prevails, education is paramount for a newcomer in the field. List every degree you have, even if it is only one. You should also list your high school experience and any other formal training you may have had.

Your webmaster resume needs to catch the eye of your employer. This is very important if you want to get the job, so make sure that you write it in a very readable font (don't supersize the font) and make sure the information is confined to one page. Most potential employers aren't going to take the time to read more than one page, so don't think that quantity over quality will win you the job. With that being said, start writing your resume today.


Gail Esparan