How to Start an IT Career

The field of Information Technology or IT is a very rewarding and lucrative field to be employed in. An IT career can lead to many options for advancement and a nice amount of money to retire on. Many young people often wonder how to break into this field in order to have such a bright future. There are methods for doing this which are simple and straightforward; but they aren't easy.

While the official first step that many are told to undertake is to get an education, it' importance is over emphasized. The first and most important step that you can take is simply learning about the subject on your own. Most trade and vocational schools that people go to only offer a handful of classes and don't cover the full range of problems that you might find. The best way to learn these on your own is to simply throw yourself into the IT world.

Usually this involves reading articles on both new and old technologies in order to have an understanding of where technology is and where it use to be. The next thing that you might do is to buy an old computer and see if you can get it functional again. When learning skills in this field you need to approach things with an open mind. Some times certain repairs may seem odd but if they work so be it.

Of course it's advisable to follow common sense and safety procedures when doing so but having this knowledge before you go to school can give you a big advantage. This advantage translates into better grades, a greater understanding of the course work, and possibly commendations from your teachers. After completing school you'll typically want to find employment as most people do.

Unless you have some high profile offers already lined up you'll want to use your education to find a nice entry level IT job. These typically involve troubleshooting computers, repairing operating systems, installing networks, and taking care of any problems that pop up. Not the most glorious of work but it will give you the experience needed to be considered for larger positions.

Once your cash flow is stable you will want to consider studying to get your certifications. These are different than degrees and show that you are a certified expert in your field. After acquiring these you may either wish to return to school and go for a bachelor's degree or try to find a higher paying job. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to operate in this field but patience is the key.

On your way up to that high end job that you want there are going to be plenty of bad days. You'll cut your hands on cases, parts won't function right, drivers won't install, and cables will refuse to behave. Just keep in mind that these are tests that all IT workers go through and you'll get through it eventually.

The field of Information Technology is not something you want to rush into. The nature of the work itself requires you to be patient, open minded, adaptable, and very resourceful. After you get your degrees, job experience, and certifications, put some effort in your IT resume writing you'll be well on your way to a high end career. Just remember that the field is constantly evolving so updating your education will be a necessity every few years.


Gail Esparan