IT Careers: Employers Looking At Your Resume Make It A Two Step Process

When you are putting in your resumes for IT careers, a professional will be looking at your resume from a very scrutinizing standpoint. For many employment professionals reading in IT resume is a two-step process. First is quick scan to see if anything of interest catches their eye. IT jobs require a lot of different skills and technical know-how. If a potential employer is able to catch these things with a quick glance then your IT resume would get thrown into a pile that will get further review.


The second part of the process is for an employer to go through it again this time in a much more concentrated approach. This means they will be looking at individual skills they possess as well as what you bring to the table. They want to see individual competence as well as what level of experience you have. Potential providers of IT jobs require this as the environment you will be working in will require you to have multiple IT skills a lot of times. You can tell that the best way to structure your professional IT resume would be for you to include all the important information in a condensed fashion, and then include more detail deeper into the resume.


If you go through both of these stages with your resume then there's a good chance you will be called in for an interview. Someone putting in a IT resume that doesn't make it through the first stage probably didn't possess the needed skills the potential employer wanted. Making it to the second phase means you have sold yourself well enough to get further consideration. IT resume writers must make a note of this and structure their resume to be strong in both areas. What I mean is the pre-selling must be good, which is a general rundown on your skills and experience, and then their actual detailed experience must be acceptable, which is a more detailed estimation of your skills and experience.


But employer will also need to make sure that your overall qualifications and interests align well with the requirements of the current job openings. The IT field is very broad and there are any number of different positions you can hold should you get hired. Even if you're applying for specific position you may be offered a position in another area of the IT field. No qualifications may line up with another area, and it will be up to you to decide if you want to go in a different direction. As long as your skills and interests line up with the requirements of current job openings, then you would be a prime candidate for an IT job.


Gail Esparan