Cons of Computer Programming Careers

Here are some of the disadvantages:

  • Though programming is a great job, some view it as too fast-paced career. Programming languages, books and methods are regularly updated. As a programmer, one needs to keep up with this pacing and still feel comfortable. Otherwise, doing the job will not be as fulfilling as it was back when you were up to date with the programming tools. It is important to maintain an open mind and eager learning attitude to keep up with upgraded versions of the languages and tools in the job.


  • You should remember that computer programming job is mostly driven by the latest technologies. Social life may be affected and discussions may circle around technology. The progress of your career is greatly dependent on how passionate you are with what you do.


  • This job requires you sit at the computer for a long time and poses some health problems. Prolonged sitting, encoding, or reading may strain your eyes, wrists and especially the back. Some programmers are not conscious with proper body positions and inactive lifestyle may lead to more serious health problems. In addition, it is undeniably true that a lot of programmers lose the sense of time and even sacrifice sleep. Hence, it is vital that a programmer knows the possible health threats associated with the job.


Anybody interested in learning programming can be a programmer. A college degree or a short-term computer programming certification is not always required to get employment in that field as long as you have good experience in your computer programmer IT resume. You may be against with others with less experience and educational attainment or with candidates from other countries. Anybody who is passionate with programming and has a personal computer with an internet connection is a possible competitor.

In the end, the most employable people are those that are versatile in nature and can adapt to the fast-paced world of technology. If you are mentally equipped and up to an exciting and pressing job, then a computer programming career is one of your options.


Gail Esparan