IT Resume Writing Do's

When it comes to any resume, you need to make sure that you are doing it right. Fatal mistakes can be made on a resume, and those mistakes can cause you to lose the chance to obtain the position you were going for. Before you rush into writing your IT resume, it is important to know what you should and shouldn't do. That way you avoid those mistakes that others make. We will start with the things that you SHOULD do!

IT Resume Do's

- Font Size: You should choose a good font size, and many people go with Times New Roman for its readability. Remember that your resume needs to get its point across, and it needs to do it fast. Giving your potential employer the ability to quickly read your resume is definitely a plus.

- Bullet Points
: Another part of getting the point across quickly is to provide bullet points. These will be short, to the point, and they will show the potential employer exactly what you are capable of. Many people use these today rather than paragraphs because the majority of employers will not take the time to read a paragraph.

- Neatness: Making your IT resume neat is paramount to your success. You need to have the information organized properly and you need to make it very clear. If the employer cannot make heads or tails of your resume, he or she probably will not consider you for the position.


Gail Esparan