Pros of Computer Programming Careers

With the advancement of communications and technology, computers have sneaked in to almost all homes in United States. This situation reflects a number of employment opportunities and degree programs in line with computers. Computer programming is in every technology you see, from phones to computerized gadgets. Though details of the job may seem complicated to a regular person, the output is vital in the forward direction of the economy. Nevertheless, it is essential to consider first pros and cons of a computer programming job before taking writing your IT resume and taking the plunge.
Let's start with the pros:

  • The pay is very lucrative. A survey by Economic Research Institute carried out early this 2010 showed that entry level salary of a computer programmer is $52,496. And this amount can go even beyond $100,000! Evenings and weekends can be utilized for consulting projects or any other freelance programming jobs.


  • Someone who knows computer programming is able to jump from one career to another related IT job. There is no boundary for passionate and goal oriented programmers. One can shift to be a data analyst, a webmaster, a software engineer, a project manager or any possible career that deals with computer.

    Gail Esparan