Pros of Becoming a Software Engineer

There are many career paths to choose from. Some of them can be chosen by anyone and others require special skills to perform, which will have to emphaized in your IT software engineering resume. One such career is as a software engineer and it is not for the faint hearted. Being a software engineer has its pros and cons and we're going to take a brief look at them to see if this career is right for you.

Pro #1: Money:
Software engineers make a lot of money regardless of their level. Some may make several thousand every month while others may make several thousand a week. It all depends on their skill level, training and experience. This is the primary draw for many engineers and programmers as they see it as an easy way to make money while making use of their skills.

Pro #2: Fame:
Most software engineers won't become famous overnight but the really talented and skilled ones can make a name for themselves. This results in corporations contacting you specifically to take a project or fix a major problem with one of their own projects. This is a very good thing as the more famous you become the more high profile jobs you will be called for.

Pro #3: Job Security:
While most job types are suffering at the moment software engineers are another story. As long as there are new programs being made and people using computers there will be a constant demand for good software engineers. This allows the field a better sense of job security than other fields. After all computers do breakdown and then someone needs to patch the operating system or write a program to combat the latest form of malicious software.


Gail Esparan