Cons of Becoming a Software Engineer

Con #1: Hours:
Software engineers work the standard 9 to 5 days but they may also be called to do far more than that if there is a problem. When something major like a new virus pops up or a serious operating system flaw is detected sleep, food, and personal hygiene are the first to suffer. Until the problem is solved most engineers get less than 4 hours of rest a night and don't eat very healthy during the crisis.

Con #2: Stress:
Being a software engineer means that whenever something goes wrong it's your fault. It doesn't matter if you're on a team or working by yourself you will always get blamed. This adds a tremendous amount of stress to the job and can even begin to affect your personal health over time. This is a job type that requires you to be able to handle massive amounts of stress and anxiety.

Con #3: Continuing Education:
As technology and operating systems advance you'll have to continue to update your education in order to keep your job as a software engineer. This means going to classes, taking course, and undergoing certification tests. Even if you have the knowledge you still have to have the paper to back it up, otherwise you'll have to find a new job.

These are just a few of the pros and cons to being a software engineer. Many of these apply to technicians and engineers in most fields in the industry. Being one of the developers and maintainers of society's devices is not a stress free walk in the park. However if you can deal with the bad days you can reap the rewards of the good days.


Gail Esparan