How to Write a Software Engineer Resume

A resume is important no doubt, but the cover letter is an introduction to that. When you prepare your software engineer resume cover letter you will first need to introduce yourself. Talk a bit about who you are and what your experience is. Do not go overboard with your work experience because the resume itself will cover this.

Before you write this cover letter you will want to do some research on the organization. You need to know what the company's core competency is, as well as if they have anything new coming out. Believe it or not, this information will show that you are a dedicated potential employee, and that you will bring many things to the company.

When you write your cover letter you will also need to make sure you choose the right font. This will of course involve making sure you don't choose a ridiculous font. The best font for a professional resume would be Times New Roman, and if you really want you use choose Arial.

Once you get done with the cover letter, it is time to move on to your IT software engineer resume. This will include a list of all the education you have undergone. If there is room you should include everything, but if not, it would be best to list only the most relevant courses. For instance if you went to a technical school, you should list that, the number of years you attended, and whether or not you earned a degree. Remember that for most software engineer careers you will need to get an advanced degree, and if you do not have one, it might be best to go back to school.

When it comes to experience, you should list everything, but if you are an older worker trying to get into the software engineering field, it would be best to list only the last five years because you don't want a huge list of previous jobs.


Gail Esparan