How to Get a Job in the IT Healthcare Field

The term 'IT Healthcare' is relatively new. What it means is that it is a part of the ever evolving healthcare industry that involves combining both healthcare and information technology. With these two dynamics that we are seeing these days, a powerful combination offers the opportunity to make great advances in our healthcare knowledge.

To get IT Healthcare employment you would want to already have some knowledge of the industry. Most often, someone who seeks out this position is already a medical professional wanting to take a turn in their career to follow down new and adventurous paths to create a unique change in what they have been doing thus far in their healthcare careers.

The more experience and/or education that you already have in either a medical or a technology career the greater the chances of getting an opportunity in the IT Healthcare line of work, as positions are more abundant. If you have no experience in the healthcare or technology areas then positions in IT Healthcare are more scarce and hard to come by. Competition in the Healthcare IT field is rather tough.

Some of the medical professionals that have made the transition from their current healthcare positions to Healthcare IT include nurses, lab technician, and persons working in the administrative area of the healthcare field.

A person that is interested in getting a job in the Healthcare IT field should first be employed using the medical skills that they already possess. An IT Healthcare line of coursework involves a degree of four years on the average with a more preferable further degree of a master's.

For a more thorough line of course study and to receive an accelerated chance of finding work in the Healthcare IT profession you should study further and obtain excellence as a project management professional or a network administrator.

The Healthcare IT industry also deals with areas, such as Health Information Exchanges or HIE, Personal Health Records or PHR, Healthcare Information & Management Systems Society or HIMSS and/or Electronic Medical Records. The HIMSS or Healthcare Information & Management Systems Society is a group of individuals who are regarded as Healthcare IT professionals.

When seeking out a position in the Healthcare IT field you should contact your state and find out the regulations and rules that apply to your particular state. The school that you attend to study Healthcare IT should be accredited. Testing and licensing will also need to be in proper order.


Finally, your Healthcare IT resume should combine both your IT and healthcare skills, which is more complex than a standard resume; you might wanna get a professional resume writer to help you with this.


To study this very rewarding and highly challenging career contact your state office for further information.


Gail Esparan