What are the Highest Paying IT Jobs?

Nowadays, information technology is one of the industries that continue to hire employees and officers even amidst the job loss woes of the recession.  No surprise there as information technology drives the economy in ways that make it more powerful, more able and more capable to overcome its current troubles.

Many of the labor market's highly-paid workers come from the IT sector.  The three highest paid in the industry are the Chief Information Officer, the Chief Technology Officer and the Chief Security Officer, all of which require certain levels of education and expertise to achieve.

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) is the highest-paid and highest-ranked officer in the IT industry with a salary ranging from $126,750 to $210,000 yearly.  Basically, the CIO is responsible for the formulation, implementation and evaluation of the information and communication technology systems as effective and efficient support to the enterprise goals.

In line with these responsibilities, the CIO usually reports to somebody higher up the hierarchy.  In civilian organizations, it can be the chief executive officer (CEO), the chief operation officer (COO) or the chief financial officer (CFO).  In the military, the CIO reports to the commanding officer (CO).

Because of the nature of the work, the CIO is viewed as a very important person in the formulation of strategic vision, goals and actions.  The technical details and decisions of the strategic plans are often delegated to the lower-ranked employees.

The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is the second-ranked IT officer with salaries starting at approximately $107,250 and often peaking at $165,250 depending on many factors.  Basically, the CTO is an executive with special focus on the technical and scientific IT issues within the organization as these issues apply to matters outside of the company.  To be more specific, the CTO creates a platform to provide excellent customer services.

Just like the CIO, the CTO is involved in using the organization's resources in promoting the organization's objectives.  Said resources include financial capital, intellectual rights and political goodwill, all of which can be made to serve IT purposes.

Unlike the CIO who tends to solve problems with the use of ready-made technologies, however, the CTO usually solves problems by developing new technologies.  It may seem like two different approaches but in reality, both IT officers will combine the advantages of available technology with the creation of new technologies to address new issues.

The last but definitely an important part of the enterprise is the Chief Security Officer (CSO) with a salary range of $100,750 to          $150,000 on a yearly basis excluding benefits.  In most organizations, the more appropriate term for the position is Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to reflect the expanded scope of responsibilities from physical to digital security.

The CISO is responsible for the entire security of the enterprise from the physical safety of the employees and the premises to the digital safety of the corporate information and data.  This is often a highly confidential job requiring expertise in the latest security measures.

These top three high-paying jobs in the IT industry require specialized education and training as well as field experience, elements which should be highlighted in your IT resume writing.  There is no better time than today to start on these career paths.


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