The Various Types of IT Jobs

Information Technology is easily one of the fastest growing industries in the world.  And despite harsh economic times, jobs in this particular field remain plentiful.  Below is a summary on a few of many career opportunities available in the IT world:

Java Developers

Originally developed by Sun Microsystems, Java is one of the most influential programming technologies in existence.  As a programmer, you develop a variety of applications, both on the server-side and client-side that interacts with users through desktop and laptop computers, web browsers and mobile devices.  Due to the widespread use of the language, Java developers are still among the most highly sought after commodities in the industry.  At this time, only Oracle and SAP specialists are in greater demand. 

.NET Developers

These developers primarily create and maintain web applications on Microsoft's .NET Framework.  They may also customize and extend enterprise platforms for areas such as customer relationship management and resource planning.  The technologies they work with are usually ASP.NET, C#, Visual Basic and other packages compatible with the .NET Framework.  A diverse and flexible framework, .NET is at the forefront of what many internet users need today, so picking up this skill could be something that pays off swell in the end.      

Database Administrators

As a database administrator, you are responsible for configuring, testing, securing and managing production databases in an IT environment.  This particular job also calls for you to work closely with developers and architects as well as staff on the business side of the organization.  Data is the lifeblood of any corporation and companies must have an experienced captain at the helm.  Skilled database administrators are difficult to find, meaning these positions are wildly available and waiting for someone just like you to fill them. 

IT Security Managers

IT security managers oversea all the critical aspects of information security.  This generally includes developing and implementing corporate security polices while taking measures to ensure that staff is following those procedures.  An IT security manager handles data storage, secures wireless networks, configures firewall applications and security software, establishes strategies to address security breaches and much more.  This is one job that only gets tougher as the threat model expands.  On the bright side, IT security management jobs are out there and pay handsomely for your skills. 

System Administrators

System administrators are still more valuable than ever as they perform various tasks to keep IT operations thriving.  They typically maintain a variety of different systems, including operating systems, web servers, FTP servers, mail systems and even security mechanisms.  In a smaller IT environment, the system administrator often acts as a jack of all trades.  However, large enterprises normally have several administrators assigned to their own individual area of speciality.  In either setting, they play a key role in keeping the organization's IT systems up and running. 

The recession has had very little effect on the IT job market.  Technology just keeps on moving and the opportunities are abound.  As long as you have the skill, determination and a strong IT resume, you can count on a flourishing career in the burgeoning IT field.


Gail Esparan