What are the Highest Paying IT Jobs?

Nowadays, information technology is one of the industries that continue to hire employees and officers even amidst the job loss woes of the recession.  No surprise there as information technology drives the economy in ways that make it more powerful, more able and more capable to overcome its c... [More]

How to Start an IT Career

The field of Information Technology or IT is a very rewarding and lucrative field to be employed in. An IT career can lead to many options for advancement and a nice amount of money to retire on. Many young people often wonder how to break into this field in order to have such a bright future. There... [More]

How to Get a Job in the IT Healthcare Field

The term 'IT Healthcare' is relatively new. What it means is that it is a part of the ever evolving healthcare industry that involves combining both healthcare and information technology. With these two dynamics that we are seeing these days, a powerful combination offers the opportunity to make gre... [More]

How to Become an IT Project Manager

If you like computers and understand how they work, it might be a lucrative career for you to become an IT project manager. In your job as an IT project manager, you'll be responsible for managing the implementation and development of IT projects in a lab. You won't generally start out in your caree... [More]

How to Improve Your IT Job Skills

If you work in IT, you have to always be improving your game. Many times, people are pulled into IT because they like the forever-changing nature of the job. No matter if you are worried about keeping the job you have, or getting a new IT job, or just want to attain a higher position with the compan... [More]

Important IT Job Skills You Should Have

Prospective employers have in mind a set of IT skill they want job applicants to have and they won't let a good catch get away.  Employers prefer job applicants with computer and computer technical literary skills and those with advanced IT programming skills -- AJAX, .NET. XML, PHP and Web 2.0... [More]

The Various Types of IT Jobs

Information Technology is easily one of the fastest growing industries in the world.  And despite harsh economic times, jobs in this particular field remain plentiful.  Below is a summary on a few of many career opportunities available in the IT world:Java DevelopersOriginally developed by... [More]