Job Requirements & Qualifications
In Your Job Postings

Job postings that outline the skills required for your position will bring you much higher qualified job seekers than a generic posting. Differentiate between the actual required qualifications and the "it would be beneficial if you had these" skills.

· List requirements and the desired or minimum number years of experience.
· Work experience.
· Education or certifications needed.
· Soft skills (Examples: time management, organization skills, leadership, communications skills, willingness to travel, etc

It is easier to read if these qualifications are in a list format. Use dashes "-" or asterisks "*" rather than bullets.

Be sure you read each section of our online job posting guide to make your postings the best they can be.

Job Posting Titles
This is easily one of the most important sections of your ad. Why? The title is the first thing a job seeker will see. It must stand out and grab their attention.

Company Information In Job Descriptions
Provide insight on your organization including...

Job Descriptions
Candidates want to know what they will be actually doing in this position. Provide a comprehensive description of the position including...

How To Apply To Your Job Openings
A job posting is not a job posting without this section. Choose the ways you want to receive resumes...

Job Posting Keywords
This section is the most important! Your job ads will never be found if job seekers search with words that are not found in your ad. Be sure to think of and list in your job description all words a job seeker might use to find your job...