Job Posting Descriptions

Candidates want to know what they will be actually doing in this position. Provide a comprehensive description of the position.

When writing the job description include the following information:
1. Provide a brief description of your company and the product and/or service it provides. List the benefits of working for your company - have you received any awards as a great place to work? If yes, list them. Sell your company!
2. Describe the general scope of the work the applicant will perform. Walk the applicant through a typical workday describing the duties he/she will perform.
· Describe any job responsibilities.
· Will the employee be managing a team? If yes, how large is the team?
· Describe your work environment and why an employee would want to work in that environment.
· Describe career advancement opportunities. Candidates want to know how their career can advance with your company.
· Describe company benefits and perks such as tuition reimbursement, free training, an outstanding benefits package, onsite daycare, an onsite gym, nearby walking trails, etc. Benefits and perks help separate your company from the competition and help you to attract the best candidates.

3. Describe the job requirements but only include "must have" skills. The more skills you list, the fewer candidates you will have applying to your job posting. If you can teach these "required" skills, you have just created job benefits (free training) and increased the number of good candidates that will apply to your job ad. Be very careful not to scare away great candidates by listing dozens of skills they may never use.

4. Include your contact information including e-mail, fax, telephone and snail mail. The more application options you provide to candidates, the more responses you will receive from your job ads. .
When the job seeker is finished reading this section they will have a good mental picture of the type of work they will be doing.

Be sure you read each section of our online job posting guide to make your postings the best they can be.

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