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FAQ about free resume consultation leads


Several affiliates have been contacting me with various questions about the new resume consultation leads we just launched for affiliates so I thought I would compile them in an FAQ, which should help everybody:

1. What do people have to do so I learn $1.50 per sign up?

They just need to enter their name, phone # and email and when they click submit, you earn $1.50 ... it's that simple ...


2. Where can I find my affiliate link for resume consultations?

Log on to your affiliate account  (www.employment911.com/affiliatewiz/default.asp) , click "Text Links" and then select "Free Resume Consultation" from the pull-down menu to get your link. You can also just email me and I will send it to you!


3. Where do I see how many leads and how much I made?

Log on to your affiliate account  (www.employment911.com/affiliatewiz/default.asp) and  click Reports: the number of leads is reported as Total Resumes Posted (Leads) and the lead commission is included in your Total Commissions.


4. How much can I earn?

The sky's the limit. Looking at some early reports, I can see that some affilates are able to get 1 lead for every dozen clicks. Results vary depending on sites and traffic. Quite a few affiliates are getting several leads a day, which means that at $1.50 per lead, they earn more than $10 a day, which can turn into $300+ a month - not bad, isn't it?


5. Is it a real consultation or just  a pitch fest?

It is a real consultation with a career counselor: your visitors will get real help!

6. What are the best ways to earn money with this

Obviously if you have a site, you can place your affiliate link there. Another great way is emailing it to your mailing list - I've noticed good results with this. You can also promote them through blogs, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ as well as in classifieds.


7. Are consultations replacing resume writing sales?

No, this is a complimentary service. We recommend promoting both to maximize your affiliate commissions so that your visitors just looking for free help will get free help while those looking for professional services will be able to buy them.


8. Are consultations available to job seekers in foreign countries?

No, they are only designed for the U.S job market so you should only promote them to American job seekers.


9. Can I promote it with a pop-up?

Yes, this is actually a pretty effective method.


10. Is the consultation really free?

Yes! Your visitors do not need to buy anything, which is why it is easy for you to get lots of leads!


That's it for now!

 Looking forward to working on this with you.


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Earn $1.50 per free resume consultation lead

We are happy to announce a brand new way for you to earn affiliate commissions.
You can now earn $1.50 for every free resume consultation you send our way. This means that every time one of your visitors sign up for a free resume consultation, you will earn $1.50. 
All they have to do is fill out their name, email and phone # and ... voila ... you just earned $1.50!
Because this is a free service, it will be very ... very ... easy for you to earn big bucks and you should be able to make more with leads than you make with sales.
Ready to get started with this? Just log onto your affilate account  (www.employment911.com/affiliatewiz/default.asp), click "Text Links" and then select "Free Resume Consultation" from the pull-down menu to get your link. You can also just reply to this email and I will send it to you!

I am recommending starting promoting this right away! To maximize your revenues, make sure to place your link on a page that gets lots of visitors.
Don't hesitate to email me if you have any question.
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Happy 4th of July


Just wanted to wish you a Happy 4th of July and give you a couple updates regarding current affiliate trends.

First, I wanted to emphasize that health care sites have been doing particularly well the last couple of months. With the new Health insurance reform kicking soon, health care professionals are in high demand and there are plenty of job seekers wanting to jump in that field. As a result, we've been selling lots of resume writing packages for every medical specialty, from nurses to doctors. So, if your site caters to healthcare job seekers, now is the time to increase promotion for medical resumes and earn big commissions - you will find plenty of medical affilate links in your account. And if you don't have any medical site yet, it might not be a bad idea to create one in order to surf that trend!

As for those of you who might suddenly experience slower sales, please do not worry, there isn't anything broken on our end. Every year, during the months of July and August, people switch focus from looking for a job to going on vacation, their budget being mostly dedicated to entertainment and vacation expenses. This fortunately will only lasts for a few weeks as job search activity usually picks up right around labor day. So I would suggest using the next few weeks to prepare for September when job seekers come back in force to buy resume writing packages.

Where you hit by the latest Panda/Penguin updates? I noticed that some of our affilates got hit when Google released their latest updates and wanted to give you a few tips. While article marketing used to be one of the most effective marketing weapons, it is now getting penalized by Google. I'm recommending instead turning to social marketing, taking full advantage, of Facebook, Google+. Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc ... as social signals are now pretty important to get you ranked. I have been personally doing some social marketing the last few months and seen an increase in organic rankings. Several affordable online services are available to help you with social marketing but make sure you use a service where real users will socialize your content, which means stay away from anybody offering thousands of fake likes, +s, tweets, etc ...

Here are some resources for you: 

As always, if you have any question, feel free to contact me by emailing me back

Have a great 4th of July weekend 

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Google Update

Google launched a new algorythm update a few days ago. If you haven't paid attention to your traffic lately, I would suggest looking at your traffic stats to see if anything changed. From what I've seen, some sites increased their rankings this time, at least those who made some improvements since the last big Panda/Penguin updates last year.
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Tax Time Means More Affiliate Sales

Some affiliates might have noticed that the last week of February and the first week of March were kind of slow when it comes to sales. Don't worry, we didn't change anything and you didn't do anything wrong. it's just that it's the time when people start filing their taxes. By now, you might however have noticed that sales are back up, which is because refunds have been kicking in. The good news is that this trend is going to last several weeks so if you want to do some extra promotion to increase your affiliate revenues,now is certainly a good time!
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New Year for Employment911 Affiliates

First, I wanted to wish you a happy New Year and success in your online endeavors.


Affiliate Sales Increasing Now


For those of you who had noticed a slowdown in affiliate sales during the last couple of months, the good news is that now that the Holidays are over, people are finally going back to looking for jobs and companies are starting to hire. This means that all employment sites should start seeing an increase in resume writing sales, a trend that should remain strong throughout the first quarter. Of course, if you want to capitalize on the current job search activity, make sure to promote prominently our professional resume writing service, whether it’s on your website, blog, newsletter, social sites, etc …


2012 Recap


I’ve been spending quite some time digging into reports these last couple weeks and wanted to share a few interesting points with you:


The highest (monthly) earning per click for an affiliate was $4.79 – this affiliate actually had the top earning per click three times last year, earning several hundred $ most months. Contrary to what you might thinks, this affiliate only sent a couple hundred clicks our way a month, but he did such a good job at attracting free good buyer traffic through SEO that it allowed him to make sales very easily.


Our top affiliate earned several thousand $ with us last year. Once again, that was somebody who used free organic traffic through several niche sites. Once again, this wasn’t the affiliate who sent us the most traffic but he did a good job focusing on visitors who might need our services.


40% of our super affiliates (top earners) were Federal-related employment sites, 20% were sites about resumes, 10% were about military to civilian transitions, 10% were health care-related employment sites, 10% were engineering-related employment sites and 10% were job boards. This clearly shows that the more a site is specialized, the better traffic it attracts and the highest commissions it gets. As a reminder, we offer links for all those specialty resumes, so if you are not promoting them yet, I would strongly recommend doing this now, while the job market is hot.Finally, quite a few affiliates contacted me after having been hit by Google’s updates in March, asking for some tips to get their rankings back. From what I see – and I manage several affiliate programs – two things happened:


- Some sites lost rankings for some big keywords but gained rankings for long-tail keywords: in that case, I would suggest focusing on those long-tail keywords, rather than wasting time on keywords that are too big and competitive. If you are building backlinks, make sure to only focus 20% on your actual keyword, 25% on related searches, 35% on the name of your site and 20% on generic keywords such as “click here”, “visit my site”, etc …


- Other sites just got buried in page 30 and in that case, I would suggest starting new sites. In both cases, this will require some work, but it should work: I can tell you that some of our top affiliates got hit as well but they were able to do a come back in the fall after having made some necessary changes to their sites and strategies.


If you have any question about all of this, feel free to contact and I will be more than happy to help you.


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Announcing New Affiliate Payments Through Paypal

To make things easier for all the affiliates who were asking for this, we will from now on be sending your affiliate commissions through Paypal instead of sending checks. ​Paypal is the most common form of payment used by affiliates, internet marketers and it has the advantage to be used around the world. As a result, you won't have to worry about bank fees for cashing checks, checks lost by the post office, changes of addresses, etc ... Last but not least, it will allow you to get your payments faster! So don't wait! Please send me your paypal email as soon as possible so we can send your commissions faster. As for those who don't have a Paypal account yet, you can sign up at https://www.paypal.com (it's free and you just need an email address to process payments). Feel free to email back if you have any question.
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Using PPC to Promote our Resume Writing Services

One of our affiliates, Jarrod, was asking me if advertising our services with PPC would be a good idea so I wanted to take that opportunity to share a few useful PPC tips with everybody.


Having been running PPC ads since the early days of Pay-per-click, I know what works and what does not. Here are some steps to follow:

  1. What you should do first is doing some keyword research to find out which keywords are the most likely to generate sales and only focusing on those keywords – there are plenty of software and services to help you with this and I would recommend Spyfu. 
  2. Look at market trends using Google Insights so that you can advertise when it’s the right time: For example, you don’t want to sell resumes in December when people are just spending their money on gifts. 
  3. You should look closely at our services to make sure your ads reflect what we do. Always emphasize features and benefits of our services in your ads.
  4. Make sure you start with a small budget so you don’t burn it on mistakes.


When it comes to choosing which advertising platform, here is what you should take into consideration:


-         Google Adwords has huge traffic but they are pricey and their conversion rates are not as high as they used to be because of increased competition in the employment market. If you decide to use Adwords, keep your daily budget low and only focus on keywords that show people’s intent to buy. For example bid on keywords such as “resume writing services” but not on “resume” which is too broad.

-         MSN has smaller traffic but its conversion rates are higher and its visitors have more money than those coming from Google. They also have a higher level of education. So you will get a better ROI than with Google.

-         Other PPCs. Well I’ve tried them all and when it comes to the employment market, I wouldn’t waste time on budget on any other PPC than the 2 mentioned above.

-         Other alternatives: Some affiliates have been successful with CPV networks where you pay for views rather than for clicks. To be frank, I do not have enough experience in that field to give you recommendations but there are several networks out there which you can try: MediaTraffic, Trafficvance, DirectCPV. Keep in mind that this traffic is dirt cheap but that you need to target it pretty accurately.


Now if you are still not sure or have questions, feel free to contact me with questions: trust me, I’ve seen plenty of affiliates who don’t master PPC advertising spend hundreds on dollars in a few days on the wrong keywords and then blaming it on us.

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Affiliate Help for You

I have just wrapped the affiliate reports for May and just wanted to give you some insights to help you increase your affiliate commissions.

There has been an increase in Federal and military conversion resume sales this last month, while the medical, finance fields as well as job board have been doing well as well. Sites that have however been losing sales across the board are resume service reviews type sites – from looking at them, they keep adding more and more resume service listings, which is known to dilute sales and bring confusion to visitors: tightening it up with just a few services should bring sales back up.

I’m glad to report that affiliate sales increased in May and am particularly happy to see that quite a few new affiliates have been able to quickly make sales and earn commissions. These affiliates are pretty Internet marketing-savvy so for those of you who would like to make more sales, I will take this opportunity to give you a few tips: 


With the latest Google Panda update, sites featuring duplicate articles got a big slap – this means that if your site’s content was heavy on articles borrowed from articles directories or other sites, you most likely lost organic rankings for major keywords and, as a result, a lot of targeted traffic; this is not only affecting your overall traffic but also your affiliate sales. Why? Because, by losing rankings for important keywords that were attracting qualified visitors (those who were the mostly likely in need of professional resume writing), you are not sending us those qualified visitors anymore. 

Here is an example: Some affiliates were ranking high for terms such as “resume writing” and have now be booted around Google’s page 10 results. They are still ranking well for terms such as “resume sample” though. So what’s going on? Well the visitors coming to their site for “resume writing” were pretty qualified and once redirected to our site, were buying resumes. Now that rankings for this keyword has dropped, we are not getting those visitors anymore and these affiliates’ sales have dropped. While they are still sending us traffic from terms such as “resume sample”, they are not able get sales out of them because these are the people looking for something free.

-> What should you about this? Well, you are going to need some new original content, which you can write yourself or outsource to services such as Need-an-article, fiverr, etc …


As you read in the previous section, article marketing isn’t working anymore, whether it’s as a source of traffic or backlinks, since Google slapped article directories a couple months ago. 

-> What should you about this? Well, you need to diversify your traffic and linking strategy. You have several options: videos (making them and posting them to video sites such as Youtube), posting articles to third-party blogs and blog networks, forum postings and ad buying.


Pay-per-click still works but the market being so competitive, it’s not as easy to make sales as it used to be. The good thing though is that 70% of people using PPC don’t know what they’re doing so there is room for you if you do your homework. Here are the factors to consider: 1. the market being crowded, bids have increased considerably. 2. people have become more search savvy and the buying process takes more time; for example while 6 years ago, a keyword like “resume” was bringing sales, this isn’t the case anymore.

-> What should you about this? First, do not advertise for broad keywords such as “resume”. Instead look for buying and long tail keywords – I would recommend using intelligence keyword tools such as spyfu, market samurai or keyword discovery or to find out which keywords are profitable. Also before starting a big campaign and spend a lot of money, you can also contact me for advice – I have been doing this for more than 10 years and know what works and what doesn’t ... 

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Affiliate Resume Writing Sales Increasing Sharply In January

Some of you might have noticed that resume writing sales were slow in December, which is normal and happens every year as people save their cash for gifts, food and partying. However, I'm sure you are also aware that January is the time for new resolutions, which means that this is when people start looking for jobs and when companies start posting job openings. In addition, beside this seasonal trend, the employment market is finally going back up, compared the previous couple years, the private sector - and mostly small businesses - having just added more than 295,000 jobs. As you can see, this beginning of the year seems to be particularly favorable to resume writing sales so make sure to take advantage of it: Now is the time to promote prominently our resume writing services to earn big affiliate $.
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2010 Top 10 Affiliates

I have started looking at our yearly affiliate reports and wanted to start the year by sharing a few things with you. While I won't give you the name of our 10 higher-earning affiliates for 2010, I can however tell you what type of sites they are, which should help you figure out what websites can earn big with our affiliate program.

- 3 of our top 10 affiliates are sites offering Federal employment resources

- 2 of our top 10 affiliates are sites focusing on resume writing 

- 1 of our top 10 affiliates offers military to civilian transition resources

- 1 of our top 10 affiliates is a job board

- 3 of our top 10 affiliates are niche employment sites specializing in one industry (nursing, engineering, finance).

And, in case you are wondering, most of our top 30 sites are similar to the ones listed below.

In terms of commissions, these sites are earning somewhere between a few hundred $ and $2,000 in affiliate commissions every month.

This should tell you a few things. First, that the most profitable sites are sites that are specialized on one field. Second, this should give you an idea about what fields are currently hot when it comes to resume writing sales. A couple other things that might surprise you is that, except for 1 affiliate, all the sites listed below have a quite modest traffic but because they are able to attract the visitors they are catering to, their sales conversion rates are pretty high. Also, most of these sites have a very basic design, which underlines that what matters is the information provided not the way it is presented; as a result, you don't need to spend big bucks in website design to be successful with our affiliate program.

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Get ready for resume writing sales peaking in January

I just wanted to let you know about a couple things today.

First, I am leaving on vacation tomorrow and will be back right after Christmas. So if you email me the next couple of weeks, I won’t be able to reply until after Christmas. 

Also, as you probably know, while affiliate sales are usually slow around that time of the year, they always peak right after New Year, as January and February are the busiest months when it comes to job hunting. So make sure to plan ahead and be ready when January comes, as job seekers will rush to buy resume writing services.

How can you take advantage of January job hunting rush? Here is a list of proven practices: 

- Feature our resume writing affiliate banner or link on your home page

- Feature our resume writing affiliate banner or link in your your job ads

- Include your affiliate link in the emails you send to your mailing list

- Post your affiliate link on Facebook.

- Post your affiliate link on Twitter.

- Post your affiliate link on your Blog.

Post your affiliate link on classifieds. 

Have a Merry Christmas!


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Martial Arts Affiliate Program

For those of you who asked for me for recommendations about other affiliate programs, here is another one that is worth the try. Budovideos, a well known site specialized in martial arts, offers a martial arts affiliate program, which commission rate is 10%. I did get a sneak peak at how the program works and can attest some of their affiliates are generating several thousands dollars in sales every month. Because Budovideos has exclusive access to lots of martial arts events and has its own line of DVDs, the site has a high conversion rate. In addition, martial arts afficionados tend to buy a few items at a time so the average sale order is higher than your average affiliate program. So, if you are looking into affiliate program diversification, you might wanna give it a shot. They are managed through the google affiliate program and you can apply to their program here .... 
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Healthcare job search activity booming

Just a quick note to mention that there are currently plenty of healthcare jobs available and an increasing number of candidates are getting into that field. As a result, we've noticed an increase in medical resume - and most particularly nursing resume - packages sold. So if your site focuses on the healthcare industry, I would recommend promoting our healthcare resume service to increase your online revenues.
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The college job hunt is on

Those of you whose websites attract a younger crowd and, most particularly students, might be interested to know that now is the time when they start looking for college jobs. As school starts, they usually also look for jobs, whether it's on campus, internships etc ... You might, as a result, want to promote our college resume writing service in order to increase your affiliate sales. Offering a page featuring resources on how to find those jobs might also be useful, whether it's to increase conversions or attract organic traffic and if you are looking for ideas you can even have a look at our college jobs / expired job search listings.

This trend usually happens twice a year and lasts a couple of months: It obviously happens in September / October but also in January / February so if you want to cash on it, make sure to act fast ...


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