How to become a travel nurse

Being a Travel Nurse can be pretty fun and, unsurprisingly, there are lots of job seekers interested in that nursing field. If you ever wondered how to become a travel nurse, here is the lowdown:   To become a travel nurse, you will need to get a Registered Nurse degree from a nursing school.... [More]

Nursing Resume Tips

While it is a true statement that nurses are in high demand these days, there are also many nurses looking for employment.  When you submit your resume for a nursing position you are giving the receiver a first impression that you cannot take back.  If it is sloppy and unprofessional then ... [More]

Different types of Nursing Jobs

 Nursing is one of the most popular professions in the country today with an estimated two and half million employees in the United States. So, as you might imagine, there are a number of positions that a qualified nurse can apply for both in an out of the hospital.In the Hospital Staff Nurs... [More]