Pros of Being a Nurse

A nursing career is looked at as one of the most rewarding careers in the healthcare industry. However, like all other professions, nursing also has pros and cons. Not every job is as glamorous as it seems, and furthermore, are all jobs even worth the money they pay? There is only one way to find ou... [More]

How to Become a CNA

The medical field is ever expanding, and along with it comes the increased need for qualified medical workers. One such position that is growing fast is that of a CNA, or Certified Nursing Assistant. Though this career pays very well, and is expected to continue in growth, it is not the right j... [More]

How to Write an RN Resume

RNs are some of the most wanted workers right now. And, in today's world, a job as a RN is a good thing to have. But, even though RNs are highly wanted, you still have to send in a good resume for the RN position you want to apply for. A good resume that exhibits your quality as an RN and other qual... [More]

How to Become a Legal Nurse

As the name implies, a legal nurse serves as the bridge between the complexities of the medical and the legal professions.  The medical issues relevant to a legal case are analyzed and explained in detail to the concerned persons, be it the lawyers and judges as well as the litigants and plaint... [More]

How to Become a RN Nurse

Careers in the medical profession have always been highly respected. Registered nurses, commonly referred to as a RN, are one of many such medical careers. Registered nurses are now in high demand.Anyone who desires to pursue a career in nursing will be greatly rewarded. Registered nurses receive ex... [More]

How to Write a Travel Nurse Resume

The job of a travel nurse is not always an easy one, but it can in fact be a bit more convenient than you'd think. The best part about it of course is that you get to travel around to many different locations and fill in at different hospitals or other medical establishments. There is a distinct lac... [More]

How to Become an LPN

A career in nursing is satisfying, rewarding and much needed in the healthcare profession. Becoming an LPN takes approximately one year of study and hands on experience. This is a good route to travel if you do not want to spend more than that amount of time studying for a career. You will be able t... [More]

How to be a good nurse

How to be a good nurseHere are 5 points that should help you be a good nurse:    * Keep your skills up to date (and whenever you achieve new skills, make sure to include them in your nurse resume).     * Be a people person as dealing with people that are not feeling go... [More]

How to prepare for a Nursing job interview

Here are a few steps you should follow to guarantee your success during the interview:   Print a few copies of your nursing resume on nice paper to give to interviewers. Gather your certificates and put them with your resume, in case you need them. Print your references (at least 3) and m... [More]

How to write a LPN resume

An LPN (licensed practical nurse) helps people in many areas. One year college or hospital training is required to become an LPN. You also have to pass many state exams. When you passed all the requirements, you can begin applying for a position. A good resume will get you in the door. Start by sele... [More]