How to Become a RN Nurse

Careers in the medical profession have always been highly respected. Registered nurses, commonly referred to as a RN, are one of many such medical careers. Registered nurses are now in high demand.

Anyone who desires to pursue a career in nursing will be greatly rewarded. Registered nurses receive extensive education and training and for this reason are well paid and have a variety of career paths available. Registered nurses care for the needs of patients who suffer from a wide range of illnesses or injuries.

Registered nurses can care for patients in an array of settings that include physician offices, operating rooms, intensive care, ambulatory care, clinics or specialized practices. Registered nurses can work in a health care facility with direct or indirect patient contact. They can also purse career paths as a clinical nurse specialist, nurse practitioner, nurse-midwife or nurse anesthetist.
Nursing is a rewarding and challenging career that provides many benefits that include job stability, career growth, excellent pay/benefits, and continuing education and training. Becoming a nurse begins with building a strong educational foundation. A registered nurse is set apart from other types of nurses because they are required to obtain a higher level of education and training.

The first step in becoming an RN is to complete your high school education by obtaining your high school diploma or GED. While in high school it may be of benefit to pay close attention in science courses, principally chemistry and biology. It is also important while in high school to decide what type of program of nursing to enter.

There are three programs that can help you become a registered nurse. The hospital based nursing diploma program is one way to become an RN. This program normally takes between two and three years to complete. This program takes a hands-on approach and allows you to gain valuable experience while pursing your diploma.

Another program that will allow you to become a registered nurse is the associate's degree in nursing. This program takes about two years and can be earned at a community college or four year university. The associate's degree in nursing teaches technical nursing skills while at the same time allowing you to complete other courses to give you a well rounded education.

A nursing diploma or associate's degree will allow you to apply for entry level registered nursing positions. The associate's degree will also help you to pursue further nursing education.

The bachelor's in nursing degree is the third program that will help you become a registered nurse. In order to enter this program you will need to take the ACT or SAT so that you can enter a four year institution. The bachelor's of nursing is a four year degree that not only prepares you to become a registered nurse but provides a platform for greater career advancement.

The bachelor's of nursing degree trains you to care for patients in a variety of settings. It also helps to prepare you for higher education in nursing such as the Master of Science in Nursing or a Doctoral Degree in Nursing. The final step that must be taken in order to become a registered nurse is to take and pass the NCLEX-RN exam. This test must be taken and passed in order to obtain your nursing license (don't forget to mention it in your nursing resume).


Gail Esparan