How to Write an RN Resume

RNs are some of the most wanted workers right now. And, in today's world, a job as a RN is a good thing to have. But, even though RNs are highly wanted, you still have to send in a good resume for the RN position you want to apply for. A good resume that exhibits your quality as an RN and other qualities can put you above other RNs applying for the same position.

The first thing you need to do when you start to write a RN resume is to select a good quality paper. The kind of paper that you choose can make your resume stand out from the crowd, or it can help it blend in with the crown. And, to get the job, you definitely want it to stand out.

Stay away from strongly colored paper, such as neon colors and dark colors. Some light colors are acceptable, such as light tan, beige, or white of course, but don't stray outside of that. The person(s) that are reviewing your resume are more concerned about what you have written, not what your favorite color is.

When you go to type your resume, your name and contact information needs to be on the very top of the page. Your contact information should consist of your most commonly used phone number, email, and address. This should always be first, so if they need to get a hold of you, your contact info will be the first thing they see.

Next, you need to display your assets. This can be your educational training, prior RN work experience, etc.
If you have had past experience that pertains to the RN position you are applying for, then you need to list it. Start with the most recent and list a maximum of the 5 past jobs you've held. The order should be in reverse, emphasizing your most relevant experience.

Then, you should try to highlight any strengths/skill you have. Just give a summary of what you do well, so they can make a quick assessment. This will make it easier for them to match your specific skills to what they need to fill their RN position. Make sure you include anything that shows your experience accurately.

Most resumes shouldn't need to exceed one front page of a sheet of paper. RN nurse resume writing is no different. IF you make it too long, the person(s) that is (are) reviewing the resumes can suffer from ennui from looking at so many resumes. So, keep it short and simple. Also, make sure it's very readable. Don't make it too complicated to read or understand.

Lastly, do not add any personal information, such as marital status and/or kids. You also don't have to list any references, unless it is requested. You can also indicate whether or not you are involved in any organizations/groups that pertain to the RN position.

RNs are some of the most sought out position in the United States. And. With a well-written resume for a RN position, you can out yourself a leg up from other applicants for the same RN position. With an outstanding resume, you can be sure that you will stand out from the list of applicants and your chances of getting the job will be higher.


Gail Esparan