How to Write a Hotel Manager Resume

Writing a resume is probably the most important thing you can do in the pursuit of a job. With this being the case you will have to do everything within your power to ensure that your resume not only contains good information, but that it looks professional. So how do you go about writing a hotel ma... [More]

How to Write a Property Manager Resume

Managing a property takes a special kind of person. It takes someone with patience, with logical thinking skills, an ability to handle budgets, financial, pay bills and it takes someone who can lead a small team of employees. A property manager often wears so many hats that it's hard to say that the... [More]

How to Write a Supervisor Resume

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Manager Resume Tips

Manager positions are highly sought after by many people.  That is why you must find a way to shine a light on your leadership abilities and experience in order to take the lead among the competition.  You can do that by making sure your resume speaks volumes about you. When you submit yo... [More]