Top 10 Engineering Resume Tips

Creating a resume of any type can be rather difficult, but if you are going to get yourself an engineering job, your resume has to be stellar to say the least. There are a number of things that you will need to do if you are to succeed in the creation of your resume, so let's go over ten tips that w... [More]

3 Additional Engineering Job Interview Questions And Answers

Q. In what type of job related activities are you most confidence performing?A. There are many aspects of engineering that you may enjoy, some of them you may enjoy more than others. When you are asked this question on in engineering job interview they want to hear that you are confident reformi... [More]



Engineering Job Interview Questions And Answers

If you are looking for engineering jobs in this tough economy then you will have to arm yourself with the proper engineering resume and job interview tips in order to help you succeed. If you have held engineering employment in the past, then you may know some of the engineering job interview questi... [More]

Top 10 Engineer Careers

Here is the second part of our post, now presenting the top 5 to 10 top engineering careers:   6)    Computer Engineer $54,298 - Computer engineers specialize in the develop of software engines or in hardware manufacture.  The hardware engineer supervises and implements pr... [More]

Top 5 Engineering Careers

Engineering careers are among the best careers in the nation, with starting pay among the best of any college major.  Engineering is a diverse field with over 25 specialties with many divisions within each.  It is possible to seek a specific specialty or a specific field.  Choosing a ... [More]

Networking Don'ts For Engineers

But then there are also ‘don'ts' in networking. First, do not go anywhere without copies of your resume or business card. Always have these at hand or nearby just in case you meet someone that would be interested in taking a look at your credentials in more detail. Second, you must not appear ... [More]

Networking Do's For Engineers

Research has shown that most jobs are ‘hidden jobs'-this is because only 5 to 25% of all job vacancies are actually advertised. So if these jobs are not on newspaper classifieds, internet job boards or any other place where jobs would usually be advertised, how are they actually filled? The an... [More]

Cons of Genetic Engineering

There are fears that genetically modified plants may actually be a threat to natural growing plants. They place huge demands on the soil and cause more harm when planted together with natural crops.Foodstuffs yielded by genetically modified crops may cause allergic reactions in individuals.In an eff... [More]

Pros of Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering involves manipulation of an organism's DNA to change the structure of its genes so that the organism can perform new functions. It can also be used to produce new biological organisms. It is useful in eliminating unwanted traits in the cell make-up and can lead to positive transf... [More]

Engineering Resume Writing Don'ts

- Many people will tell you to lie on your resume, but avoid this practice at all costs. There is a chance that the information will never be verified, but the last thing you want to do is find that ten years down the road someone pulls out your resume and discovers that you were never actually a pr... [More]