Top 10 Engineer Careers

Here is the second part of our post, now presenting the top 5 to 10 top engineering careers:   6)    Computer Engineer $54,298 - Computer engineers specialize in the develop of software engines or in hardware manufacture.  The hardware engineer supervises and implements pr... [More]

Top 10 Engineering Resume Writing Tips

Becoming an engineer is a highly competitive proposition for anyone and, therefore, an effective resume is necessary for anyone to get a job in this field. A good resume should indeed make the hiring manager want to continue reading and, eventually, contact the applicant for an interview. A successf... [More]

An introduction to Engineering Resume Writing

Writing an engineering resume isn’t like writing a traditional resume. Engineers are subject to a higher standard and should thus offer a more professional and relevant resume to potential employers so that they can meet their criteria to get hired. There are a few main differences between eng... [More]