Networking Don'ts For Engineers

But then there are also ‘don'ts' in networking. First, do not go anywhere without copies of your resume or business card. Always have these at hand or nearby just in case you meet someone that would be interested in taking a look at your credentials in more detail. Second, you must not appear to take advantage of a new contact. It is true that you are looking for a job. However, asking for a job immediately you meet someone might be considered too desperate and in some cases, offend the other party. The best approach is to try and build a relationship through discussions on pertinent engineering issues such as industry trends, best practice, competition or recent regulation. When you do this and connect with the other person, asking for a job on another meeting date will most probably be considered favorably.
Do not talk about yourself too much when networking. Do not wait for your contacts to call you - initiate the networking process as this shows that you are serious about a career in engineering (also follow up by sending your engineering resume). Don't let rejection discourage you as you will face rejection a good number of times - rather, learn from rejection and improve your approach next time. Do not stop networking after you finally get the job - you never know when you need another job.


Gail Esparan