Including Too Much Information On Your Engineering Resume Can Hurt You More Then Help You

Seeing as how engineering jobs are so vast and they require so much technical know-how in order to perform effectively many people who apply for engineering jobs are tempted to include as much information as possible. But you do not want to include too much information when you are trying to put in an engineering resume or else it can hurt you more than help you. If you are wondering why then I'm going to give you a few reasons below. All of these reasons can also apply to just about any type of career field you may try to get into.


Firstly, putting too much information on your engineer resume makes it read like a manual to a computer software program, highly technical and repetitious. How many times have you picked up a science book when you were in school or a book about computers and it seemed like what was being said was written in another language? That is the way your engineering resume will appear if you include too much information on it. And to make it even worse every word being used is a technical word. Even though it may make you look qualified chances are it's going to be a very tough read.


Gail Esparan