Including Too Much Information On Your Engineering Resume Can Hurt You More Then Help You

Seeing as how engineering jobs are so vast and they require so much technical know-how in order to perform effectively many people who apply for engineering jobs are tempted to include as much information as possible. But you do not want to include too much information when you are trying to put in ... [More]

Your Engineering Resume Must Show The Right Things, Continued

Another one of the ways you can show that you are qualified for a given engineering job on your engineering resume would be for you to add a technical or expertise section to the resume. This technical and expertise section will explain your technical skills in more detail. This is sometimes require... [More]

Your Engineering Resume Must Show The Right Things In Order To Be Competitive

Engineering jobs are some of the most competitive jobs around, and they are also some of the most specialized. Usually when someone is putting in an engineering resume there are any number of different sectors they can be targeting. So the question a lot of people have is what are the things that an... [More]

Follow These Guidelines When Creating Your Resume To Get Engineering Jobs

When using a service If you're going to be using engineering resume services to do your engineering resume writing, one mistake you will not want to make is not asking for samples beforehand. Seeing as how you will want your resume to stand out from the pack, you are not going to want an engineerin... [More]