Engineering Resume Writing: Do No Include Personal Data On The Resume Unless Asked

Expert engineering resume writing can be an excellent way to get your skills in engineering noticed by any potential employer. But there are a few things you should remember when it comes to your engineering resume writing. When filling out a resume or presenting it you want to make sure you do not include any type of personal data on the resume. What do I mean when I say personal data? I'm talking about any information that is personally related to you and doesn't have anything to do with work. I'm talking about information that has nothing to do with the types of tasks you will be performing at work and will only give a potential employer the chance to scrutinize you.


You must remember that personal data is not relevant to your qualifications and will usually do nothing but hurt you. The qualifications on the engineering resume should be your primary area of focus. Your goal as a seeker of engineering jobs should be centered mainly on trying to highlight these qualifications. You may believe including personal data will make you appear more real in the eyes of a prospective employer, but all it will do is take attention away from other more important things.


If you're wondering when you should include personal data, personal data should only be used if you feel it might affect your job performance or some other important aspect of the job. Maybe you may feel as if working in some types of environments may cause your work performance to suffer. Maybe you might feel like working around certain people will not be conducive to your productiveness. In any case if you include personal data in this fashion it will not be used against you, in most cases that is.


You should also not include personal opinions such as salary requirements and the like until further interest has been shown in you. Many seekers of engineering jobs make the mistake of putting in what they want their salary to be too quickly. If you're a professional looking for a career in this field you need to leave room for negotiation. Engineering jobs typically pay a lot of money to begin with, often times you will be offered a generous salary. Engineering resume writing doesn't have to be complicated, as long as you remember to leave out personal data and only highlight those skills which will make you look valuable in the eyes of a prospective employer then you will be ahead of the competition.


Gail Esparan