Types Of Information In Order To Boost Your Chances Of Succes

Including references Writing in engineering resume is going to require you to include references. Many times you may not have to include these references until you go on an actual interview. But seeing as how engineering jobs can be so competitive, sometimes putting down references can be just what... [More]

Your Chances At Engineering Jobs Will Suffer Greatly If You Do Not Follow These Guidelines When Creating Your Resume

People who have an engineering background are very highly skilled and technologically savvy. Chances are the engineer resume they create is going to include a long list of skills that will sell them and make them look good to a possible employer. But in the process of your engineer resume writing yo... [More]

Your Engineering Resume Should Include These Three Types Of Information In Order To Boost Your Chances Of Success

Are you serious about trying to find a job in engineering? If you are serious then chances are you're going to need to write a professional engineering resume that is able to not only properly sell you, but also increase your chances of success. When I say increase your chances of success, I mean la... [More]

Engineering Resume Writing: Do No Include Personal Data On The Resume Unless Asked

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Engineer Resume Writing: Do Not Be Too Overzealous When It Comes To References

Assuming that you are not a first timer to putting in a resume for engineering jobs, then you may have discovered that many times you're going to need good references. But in your resume it is very important that you not get too overzealous with references or that you include them faster than what t... [More]

Top 5 Engineering Careers

Engineering careers are among the best careers in the nation, with starting pay among the best of any college major.  Engineering is a diverse field with over 25 specialties with many divisions within each.  It is possible to seek a specific specialty or a specific field.  Choosing a ... [More]

Networking Do's For Engineers

Research has shown that most jobs are ‘hidden jobs'-this is because only 5 to 25% of all job vacancies are actually advertised. So if these jobs are not on newspaper classifieds, internet job boards or any other place where jobs would usually be advertised, how are they actually filled? The an... [More]

What Are the Cons of Being an Engineer?

What are the disadvantages of being an engineer? It's a very competitive field Once you get into a niche and are known as an expert on what you do (if you freelance), or once you have a really steady and good paying job as an engineer, you're going to do just fine with your career. Breakin... [More]

What Are the Pros of Being an Engineer?

Congratulations, you've decided you want to be an engineer. It's not a career for the faint of heart, but it is a rewarding career for those who have the talent, skill, and dedication to do the job right (elements that is imperative to include in your engineering resume). Even for those who cho... [More]

Engineering Job Interview Tips

If you've landed an engineering job interview, congratulations. You've obviously got the qualifications to have a successful career in a very competitive industry. Nonetheless, no matter how qualified you are, it can be pretty easy to blow a job interview and lose the job, even if you have the ... [More]