Engineer Resume Writing: Do Not Be Too Overzealous When It Comes To References

Assuming that you are not a first timer to putting in a resume for engineering jobs, then you may have discovered that many times you're going to need good references. But in your resume it is very important that you not get too overzealous with references or that you include them faster than what they need to be. Many employers will not ask you to place references on your resume. Many of them will give you a chance to go into them should they decide to screen you further for possible engineering jobs that are available.


Premature references can sometimes be used against you and they can be checked in advance before giving you an interview though. I believe a lot of eager seekers of engineering jobs believe that putting references prematurely will bolster their chances at employment, but it actually ends up working against them. If an employer checks the references in advance and doesn't get told what they want to hear then you may be put on the back burner for job you may have been the front-runner for.


Sometimes depending on what they get told if they decide to check your references before hand they might decide not to even give you an interview based on this. Writing in engineering resume is already a difficult task as it is. You are going to include lots of technical information as well as information about your personal skills. You do not need to hurt your chances by including references you cannot be sure about for the quality and dependability of your work.


Some employers may also decide to cancel an interview they might have lined up for you when they check references in advance. What you need to do when putting in your engineering resume is leave out references altogether and focus on your core skills. Try to sell yourself based on those skills and this should give you a very good chance at landing the job. Engineering resume writing is a difficult task as it is, you do not need to hurt yourself by including references that were well-intentioned but can end up working against you.


Gail Esparan