Top 5 Engineer Resume Writing Tips

Here is the second part of our top 10 engineering resume writing tips:

6. Keep it Positive: If you want to get the job, you will need to show yourself in a positive light. If you have any black marks in your history, you might want to omit them. Unless they ask specifically, they simply do not need to know.
7. Relevant References: Making sure that you have references is important, but making sure those references are relevant is equally important. Your references should understand the field you are going into, and they should be able to accurately answer questions about you.
8. Cover Letter: Creating a good cover letter is probably one of the most important things you will ever do in terms of a resume. You need to make sure the cover letter you build is one that will impress your potential employer at first glance as doing so will almost guarantee you the job.
9. Proofreading: Check over your resume, and if possible have a friend look at it because two pairs of eyes are most definitely better than one.
10. Get Help: If you are unsure about something you can either look online for help or you can employ the services of professional resume writers. Either way you are sure to get the job done and create a great resume.
Engineers are the people that forge our society in more ways than one, and as a result of that they need to be very intelligent individuals. In the field there is no room for error and showing that you can create a perfect resume is the first step toward landing the interview. Once you step onto the interview floor you will feel confident, knowing that you have a chance at landing a job that many people can only dream of.


Gail Esparan